Volume Licensing

Volume licensing is a very complex process and every Educate-me.net sales consultant is trained on how to provide you with the maximum savings on your volume licensing. The way we do business is constantly evolving.  Some software is now being delivered on a cloud, you have software-as-a service (SoS) and complex and daunting task of ever changing maintenance plans are all contributing to very complex pricing plans. You need a partner that can navigate this world and ensure you are getting what you need without over spending.  Let us negotiate you next license price and make sure you are getting the maximum bang for your buck.
Why Us?
  • Licensing specialists assist in maximizing your technology budget
  • We take the hassle and head-ache out of understanding the complex process
  • Save time in navigating and understanding licensing programs
  • Volume discounts for as few as 5 copies
  • Faculty, staff and students can save on software for home-use

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